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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The co-founder of Call of Duty unveils the new free shooter game called Offensive Combat

Ex employees of Call of Duty and Activision revealed their new game called Offensive Combat today. Offensive Combat is a free multriplayer FPS that can be played in web browsers. According to the description of the game will offer a large number of FPS archetypes, weapons and themes, such as surrealism, science fiction, futuristic and modern wars.
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"Consumers are moving away from traditional consoles and require top quality games in all their devices at no cost. We intend to satisfy those gamers with unrivaled games like Offensive Combat in which you can connect and play with friends for free - no additional equipment, "said Welch, one of two founders of U4iA (euphoria) which was co-founder of Call of Duty. Offensive Combat will be available later this year with the first beta to be available this summer.

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