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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anonymous: The largest online attack ever did, took down the U.S. government site!


The hacker organization «Anonymous» said it launched the largest online attack that has ever made in retaliation for the opening of the U.S. government to close one of the world's largest file sharing websites, the, on charges of copyright violations.

More than 5,000 members of the organization cooperated Anonymous to "download" the site of the U.S. Department of Justice, the union of the film industry Motion Picture Association of America and the union of the record industry, Recording Industry Association of America.

Yesterday there was no access to these three sites in the U.S..

The Anonymous said on their Twitter account that 5,635 persons put the target site, including those of the FBI and the White House, although the two telytaia seemed to work.

The mobilization took place after federal prosecutors indicted seven against persons associated with Megaupload, for which said it earned $ 175 million while costing copyright holders more than $ 500 million in lost income.

Founder Megaupload, Kim Ntotkom, real name is Kim Schmidt was among the four defendants were arrested today in New Zealand.

Megaupload users could upload music, movies, TV programs and digital books, much of which had been illegally copied, according to the categories of U.S. authorities.

"This is one of the largest criminal intellectual property cases that have never heard of the U.S. and has directly target the misuse of a site for storage and content delivery to commit and facilitate crime intellectual property" said the Justice Department.

The notice was issued one day after leading websites such as Google and Wikipedia, participated in a "blackout" on the Internet to protest the proposed U.S. anti-piracy bills on the Internet, which say they will significantly reduce the freedom of the Internet.

The Megaupload is based in Hong Kong but has servers in the U.S., so U.S. authorities have jurisdiction over the case.

The website had claimed that he has more than 150 million registered users and 50 million daily visitors.

Those who were arrested outside Oakland appeared today before the court and will remain in custody as Monday, which would examine whether to bail.

The U.S. authorities have announced that it is the Ntotkom, 37, resident of New Zealand and Hong Kong; co-founder and chief technical Mathias Ortman, 40, from Germany; the head of marketing Batato Finn, 38, also from Germany; and head programmer Bran Van der Kolkata, 29 years from the Netherlands.

The other defendants remain at large is a German, one Slovak and one Estonian.

Indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy, copyright infringement and conspiracy to launder money.

If adopted and ordered the U.S., they face prison sentences of up to 55 years.

Confiscated assets Megaupload worth $ 50 million, as announced by the U.S. authorities.

In New Zealand, these assets included a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, cars and other paintings.

The inspector said Grand Ouormolnt in New Zealand that the arrests were the result of several months of coordination with the FBI and Justice Department.

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