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Monday, June 25, 2012

uWhisp, the web application that allows you to send audio messages on Facebook and Twitter!

A group of graduates of UPC Barcelona School of Informatics has created the application uWhisp, which gives us the ability to leave voice messages for the various social networks!

The application uWhisp is a simple plug-in installed on your web browser and then displayed directly within the Facebook and Twitter, and automatically create a widget in the user's web browser for direct recording and sending voice messages to any webpage receives a text message.

The creators of the application state that once made ​​the recording of the message is stored in a local file and audio uWhisp enables preview to make sure the sender that the message is correct. Just give the user's consent, then the audio signal stored in the servers and virtually uWhisp published a link that becomes the voice player plug-in. If the recipient has installed uWhisp, then the link leads to uWhisp website where you can play the message.

You can try uWhisp here.

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