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Friday, May 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III: reached 9 million preorders from 100 providers worldwide

The success of Samsung Galaxy S III is pretty much expected, judging from the waiting world but also from the sales of the previous two generations, but this time the boot looks more than promising.

In fact, a publication of the Korea Economic Times reports that have information from a strain of Samsung (maintain anonymity), who in turn revealed that the company has already received more than 9 million preorders from 100 different suppliers around the world!
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The number can not reach the equivalent of the iPhone 4S, but is light years away from those of HTC and LG to competing quad-core smartphones. Furthermore, the Galaxy S II reached 20 million pieces sent to traffic 10 months and now Galaxy S III reaches half in about two weeks, except that the largest proportion of these will be sold directly.

 Finally, in the above figure does not include the U.S. market, as expected in June, if not later.

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