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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tips on Selling your BlackBerry on eBay

So, you’ve just registered an eBay account and decided to sell your BlackBerry on eBay. What do you do?

It’s a very good place to sell because you’re already familiar with the community there. You have the capability of reaching out to millions of people and closing a deal easily.
Selling a smartphone is something that’s not easily learned. eBay can be a very chaotic place, and when you think about it, it’s just better to pass down your phone to your younger sibling!

But why pass it down when you have the chance to make some money out of it? That’s especially true when you’re upgrading to a new phone. Selling your BlackBerry will help you with the costs of buying a new one!
If you’re looking for some tips, then follow these:

Make Full Use of Your Item Title

When it comes to advertising your smartphone, always present the most important details up front.
Include important keywords that will make searching easier for potential buyers. For example, always include the brand and model number in the title. Also, try to add descriptive words, such as “mint.” This allows users to know that your phone is shiny.

Use Quality Photos

Like a car salesman that gives a good look to the car being sold, it’s also your responsibility to give potential buyers a good look at your phone.
Take quality pictures of the phone’s screen, back and other sides. It’s important you give a good presentation of the phone.
And while you’re at it, post some sample photographs taken from your phone’s camera.

Describe Your Phone in Detail

Aside from putting in nice photographs, it’s important to put in a detailed description of your phone.
For example, what processor does it have? Is the phone unlocked or tied to a specific carrier? All of these details should be answered when describing your item.
You should also include the date when you bought it.

Research the Price

Before you go into any actual selling, it’s important to research the price of your phone. You can do a search within the network of eBay. You’ll get a good idea how much a typical smartphone sells there.
You can also research outside eBay, such as forums and even ask the opinion of your friends. The key is to make it reasonable without actually being overpriced. Nobody is going to buy an overpriced phone, unless it was used by a celebrity or some other famous person.

Immediately Reply

From time to time, you’ll get specific inquiries made about your phone. It’s important that you answer all of it immediately because it shows your genuine interest in getting your phone sold.
Aside from that, it’s also a sign of respect because you’re not wasting the buyer’s time.


These tips are all you should follow when selling your BlackBerry on eBay. All in all, it’s very easy to sell once you get used to the process. Eventually, you’ll be selling like crazy!

Author Bio:

Megan Cunningham is a young Web Enthusiast, Graphic Artist, Blogger and contributing author for where she has published a number of articles about Blackberry
You can catch her on Twitter @Meganbility

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