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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Japanese researchers break the world speed record in wireless transfers!

Researchers at the University of Tokyo managed to achieve 3Gbps transfer in 542Ghz wireless network, which is part of the 300GHz-3THz band which categorized the range terahertz. This achievement doubles the previous record of the  Rohm manufacturer who achieved last November a 1.5Gbps transfer connection 300GHz. Of course, these speeds can be achieved only in a range of ten meters before about various interferences.
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To achieve these speeds was used resonant tunneling diode (RTD). This device operates as an oscillator emitting electromagnetic signals at high frequencies as well as vibrates. The RTD was created exclusively for this project and replaces other more complex systems. 

 Essentially the terahertz range transport is the "next big thing" in wireless communications, not only because of the high speed achieved but also because all frequencies are available worldwide. The project manager believes that over the next ten years all products will use related terahertz technology.

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