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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smart Vegetable Garden: The first ... cloud garden from Panasonic

smart vegetable garden

If you always dreamed of a home garden, but instead you live in an apartment without a garden in your spare time playing Farmville, get ready to see the latest creation of Panasonic ...

The reason for the Smart Vegetable Garden, a smart garden size 100x50x30cm, where you can plant fruit and vegetables of your choice inside or outside your home. In fact, Panasonic promises that in just 40 days the crops will have grown enough to be ready for harvest (ie 30% faster than traditional methods).

The most striking feature is that it incorporates a cloud management system, which can automatically monitor the levels of water or nutrients, temperature and other parameters.

The only negative is that to do with the depreciation of your own production of vegetables, you will probably need many years or even centuries, after the smart garden is estimated to cost about $ 7.800 (or leasing $ 180 per month).

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