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Monday, March 5, 2012

Zombies, Run!, The new iOS application that combines exercise and game

For all of us who need an extra incentive to leave the house and start running the new application iOS Zombies, Run! might be what you want. In the world of Zombies, Run! the user of the device is iOS Runner 5, one of the last survivors of humanity after the domination of zombies on the planet. Mission is to get the player from the base and gather supplies for the rest, where he begins the fitness part of the game. When the game is "running" mode, the application explains the story in Runner 5 through the headphones, giving "orders through the radio" for where to go for supplies and how to avoid the zombies as the sounds who listens.
When the user returns home, the application provides statistics for the distance, time and pace of the player, but what informs and fees collected on the path. The more the player collects fees (such as batteries, food, water) the more developed the story and unlock new missions. Certainly there are some disadvantages as the application costs $ 7.99 and so far there are only 13 available missions. The developers plan to update soon "first season" with 17 other missions. For users of Android, the application will be available on the platform in the spring, but there is already a free application called Zombie, Run! which seems to have affected The new iOS app. Of course, this application has not been upgraded for about two years, so you can expect for the upcoming version for a better experience.

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