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Monday, March 5, 2012

Furious BitTorrent users for the replacement of Xvid files to MP4!

Great inconvenience has caused to the BitTorrent user community-and in particular those who download TV series, the recent announcement of the adoption of new norms and replace files Xvid / avi with MP4/x264.

In particular, popular groups such as LOL, MOMENTUM, ASAP, and many others published a paper called The SD x264 TV Releasing Standards 2012, which discloses the transition to the standard x264 files which mainly HD, explaining that provides better compression and is generally the most advanced encoder at the moment.

However, this is not enough to convince angry "pirates" who inundate websites with torrents and other abusive comments protest. The reason is that many DVD players and other players do not support MP4, and therefore either can not watch the episodes of their favorite TV series or any time you have to convert the files to a compatible type.

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