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Friday, May 18, 2012

Twitter follows your actions on the Internet

Twitter of a new publication indicates that the system proposals based on accounts which follow other Twitter users and visits to sites in the overall ecosystem of Twitter. Ie when you press a button or the Twitter widget in a website is recorded from Twitter. This statement triggered strong opposition after the company admitted that essentially follows the movements of users on the Internet.

So far we know that the recording is more than just be best proposals for the accounts you can follow, but in reality no one can know what it is used now or in the future. Obviously, this behavior is not particularly surprising since more or less knew that must be done. So does Facebook, of course, collecting data. That does not justify this behavior but it is-and should-be reprehensible.
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On the other hand, Twitter announced that it will work with Mozilla, enabling users to choose not monitored in any way from it. This will be done to activate the "Do Not Track" which disables the Firefox cookies to gather personal information. This function can only be effective if the website recognize.

 "We are thrilled that Twitter supports Do Not Track as the adoption of the system by users is increasing, signaling a major step forward for the Do Not Track and the Internet», says Mozilla.

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