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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Removed the bills SOPA and PIPA, victory for the Internet!

sopa pipa

The world of the Internet won the first major battle against the Bills SOPA and PIPA, as the two senators who were responsible for their introduction (Lamar Smith and Harry Reid) announced that it will suspend its deliberations and the vote at the American House.

Both received tremendous pressure not only from the general internet outrage expressed by the blackout of last Wednesday, and thousands of phone calls from voters across the U.S. territory.

Of course, as mention in the preface, the suspension is a first victory against the silencing of the Internet, as both teams intend to review ways to tackle piracy, but that would cost votes in this critical election period. Chances are that the bills will be rewritten, perhaps be renamed and will try to go without attention.

Lamar Smith said on the subject:

"I heard the reviews and I have seriously considered my concerns about the proteinomeo bill to combat piracy. It is clear that we must rethink how we deal with the "foreigners kleftespou steal and sell American products and inventions. The committee will continue to cooperate with copyright holders and the companies of the Internet to develop ways to fight piracy and protect intellectual property rights of Americans. It welcomed any help or suggestions from organizations or individuals to address this problem "

In the above, Smith added that the piracy problem is too big to ignore, as U.S. industries that hold copyright (music, movie studios, etc.) offer employment to more than 19 million people and is responsible for 60% of exports to the U.S., and because of piracy lost about $ 100 billion annually.

The first signs are encouraging, since before the blackout Wednesday (with about 75,000 pages) 80 senators have said they support the bills SOPA / PIPA and 31 were negative and after the blackout changed the balance of 63 senators to remain supporters and 122 to contradicted.

The only certainty is that you never heard of them pretty soon, but until then we can enjoy our victory.

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