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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gumroad, the social competitor of eBay by the 19 year old developer of Pinterest

His own company decided to start Sahil Lavingia, the talented 19 year old developer who previously worked for the Pinterest. Called Gumroad, this is a new service that aims to provide an easy, fast and secure way of buying and selling via social networks.

Creating account Gumroad, users of Facebook and Twitter can sell their products to their friends / followers via a link. The Seth Goldstein describes the service as a "Paypal for social networks".

And if you wonder why would someone choose the Gumroad compared for example eBay, the Lavignia explains that the service is faster, simpler and more importantly affordable. As mentioned, the commission that Gumroad holds is $ 0.25 plus a surcharge of 5% for every transaction, while in eBay is $ 0.10-$ 2 plus 9% of the total amount.

It is worth noting that the new company has managed to gather so far equity funds totaling $ 8.1 million from several investors, including the SV Angel, Accel Partners, Lowercase Capital and Mike Abbott. To better understand the operation of Gumroad see this video:

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