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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S III was designed by lawyers and here is the proof

The design of the new Galaxy S III presented a few days ago from Samsung caused many comments on how this resulted in the smartphone market from the design offices of the company. The explanation, perhaps, is simple: the Galaxy S III is not a product designer but ... lawyers!

Apple has been involved in numerous lawsuits with Samsung accusing her of copying the design of the iPhone on mobile. For example, Apple has the copyright for the appearance of a product-iPhone-, ie a rectangular device and this gives it the right if he wants to take legal action against products that it considers copying this design. Last year, Apple had proposed, in fact, some ways in which Samsung could not use it to copy now the iPhone. It seems that Samsung has followed the instructions from Apple.

Overall shape is not rectangular
The Galaxy S III is not completely rectangular because the sides are slightly curved, as shown in the figure, which is stronger in the upper and lower extremities:

It has not rounded edges
If you notice the rounded edges of S III are not uniform among them. The upper curves are less inclined than those in the bottom.

The front surface is not black
As you will see the Galaxy S III is not available in black but only in white and dark blue.

Monitors that are not centered on the front and not equidistant from the edges or do not have any of these distances.
Again the Galaxy S III meets Apple's proposal because of the distances from the screen top and bottom of the device are not equal to each other. In fact the upper bezel is 16 percent smaller than the bottom.

Monitor network without color square icons with rounded edges and without the dock, ie a solid line of icons that remained constant as change pages.
In the Galaxy S Samsung had "violated" this rule essentially copying the look of the iPhone icons and the dock to ridiculous extent. In the S II and S III, however, as you can see the appearance of the icons changed radically:

The dock on the other copied from Samsung and Galaxy S 2/1 but in the new S III there is nowhere dock:

Regardless of personal tastes of each occurrence of the Galaxy S III can not be considered standard of beauty and symmetry. And as you read above and the reason is not lack of talent in copying from the designers of Samsung but intense desire to avoid further legal problems and treatments.

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