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Friday, April 20, 2012

See how to use Gmail with the new Google Gmail Meter

gmail meter

Google announced the availability of Gmail Meter, a service that each of the first month will send you an e-mail with various statistics about your inbox. Essentially, Gmail Meter includes information about your habits, such as Google Account Activity.

The statistics record the Gmail Meter are:

Volume Statistics: shows the number of important posts and scored, the number of people you sent e-mails roundtrips.
Daily Traffic: gives an estimate of when you send and receive mail over a month.
Traffic Pattern: gives a general sense of your activity in sending and receiving mail last week.
Email Categories: shows how you manage your Inbox (categories roundtrips)
Time Before First Response: shows how much time passes until you answer some mail, and how much time passes until others respond to your mail.
Word Count: indicates the percentage of messages you send, depending on the number of words in it.
Thread Lengths: indicates whether participate in long discussions
Top Senders and Top Recipients: indicates the identity of the people with whom you communicate frequently.
To enable Gmail Meter go to Google Docs and open a Spreadsheet. Go to Tools-> Script Gallery and install Gmail Meter. Now you will see a new menu called Gmail Meter where you can select the Get a Report.

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