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Friday, April 20, 2012

Huge Nokia drop in the first quarter of the year

nokia drop

Nokia has released its financial results for the the first quarter of 2012 and unfortunately the numbers are disappointing. Apart from the total losses of $ 1.7 billion, an equally serious blow is the huge drop in sales in major Chinese market.

More specifically, in the period last year sales of Nokia in Greater China decreased by 62%, falling from 23.9 million units to 9.2. Counting and drops in prices, Nokia saw its revenues to decline by $ 1.9 billion to $ 577 million just in the last quarter.

The determining factor seems to be turning more and more Chinese Android devices like the iPhone despite the prohibitive price.

But the rest of the world things are much more favorable to Nokia, the company is experiencing significant decline in Europe (32%) and America (50%).

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