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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Google wants to fight fake reviews in Google Play

Fake or rigged reviews in applications of the App Store or Google Play is an ever increasing problem on the backs of developers who see the success of their applications to depend on a largely positive reviews. We all  we take a look at the reviews and the rating of the application before we buy an app and if it is positive we think twice. But what happens when these reviews are fake?

The problem is to solve a research of the University of Illinois at Chicago funded by Google. Essentially, finding fake reviews is a relatively easy and simple process but with an automated algorithm is quite difficult. The group  however has created an algorithm called GSRank aimed at behavior behind the fake reviews despite the identity of the offender. The algorithm combines elements such as timing, the similarity of the review and scoring  to determine the validity of the comment.

Obviously, this algorithm could be used in any app store but was funded in Google Play is probably the first to implement it. In any case, those who benefit are the end users who will judge based on reliable reviews but the developers who will not suffer from negative comments intended to deceive.

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