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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The U.S. government can seize any. com domain wants!

A few months ago, the U.S. government issued rulings on The closure of sites and the seizure of domains even if they have been registered outside the U.S.. The explanation he gives for all this ... is clear: "Anything that ends in. Com,. Net,. Cc,. Tv and. Name, can be seized!"

Last week U.S. authorities closed the gambling website although owned Canadian company. However, as the U.S. government, the adoption of new domain names owned by VeriSign's jurisdiction based in the U.S..

According to department spokesperson 'Immigration and Customs Enforcement' (ICE), whenever the U.S. wants to download a website domain. Com,. Net,. Tv or. Name, sends court order to VeriSign, which complies directly. The same procedure is followed in the Public Interest Registry, which manages the. Org domains.

Since June 2010, under the initiative of the U.S. government, 'Operation in Our Sites' have seized more than 352 domains and every indication if something is not done the number will increase further.

The explanation for the closure of the website was that the site had access to American citizens when gambling on the Internet in the U.S. are prohibited, regardless of which other countries are legitimate. Perhaps, someone should remind them that the Internet is not American but global service?

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