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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New SimCity by EA, is exclusively for PCs in 2013 [Video]

GDC 2012 reserved an enjoyable surprise for fans of the series very popular SimCity, as EA / Maxis have confirmed that the new SimCity with entirely new 3D graphics and simulation engine, will be released exclusively for PC in 2013!

According to Vice Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw,

"We build a simulation game that really represents the world we live in today, with the decisions you get to go beyond the city limits. The Maxis returns to the creation of SimCity after nearly 10 years, with a new 3D engine that takes us from a painted environment into something tangible and physical "

The game will be simply called SimCity, as the company "tired" to add numbers, but we must note that the trailer below does not reflect accurately the real world of the game and could be seen concept art.

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