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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Ubi-Camera turns your hands into camera [Video]

A team of researchers at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan succeeded and created a prototype device that everyone can become a photographer using just their hands.

The Ubi-Camera, as it is called, is a small device that "snaps" to the thumb and forefinger of your hands when you join in the classic position to form a rectangle, as do great directors.

Essentially this is sufficient for Ubi-Camera. There is not even a preview screen while the zoom is calculated by an infrared sensor that measures the distance of hands from your face. As your hands away from your face increases the zoom. And how did the photo shoot?

The thumb rests on your device to a switch and when you're ready to take the picture just press your hands.

So far the prototype device operates only while the computer is connected and there are some bugs that will be corrected in future editions. At this point, of course, we can not know whether Ubi-Camera will be available commercially but imagine how much fun it would be travagame photos that way.

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