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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Smoked by Windows Phone": Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0,wins but ...

smoked by windows

The Microsoft ad campaign titled "Smoked by Windows Phone" began a few weeks ago during CES 2012 in order to prove that Windows Phone devices are much faster in everyday tasks from iOS and Android.

This campaign continues even to Microsoft Store with a cash prize worth $ 1000 laptop if someone managed to win a Windows Phone device. Things, of course, for the aspiring participants are not so simple.

For example, the site Skatter Tech says her own experience in this process when the Galaxy Nexus Pitted with a Windows Phone at Microsoft Store in Santa Clara. The confrontation involved the projection of the forecast for two different cities as fast as possible.

In both devices is not easy and is achieved with the Android widgets and Live Tiles for Windows Phone on your desktop. Specifically, the Galaxy Nexus user had disabled the lock screen and so with a simple push of the power button was no immediate information access. In Windows Phone should press the power button and swipe up to make the lockscreen for the same effect. As you know, obviously the Galaxy Nexus is faster.

The Microsoft Store employee had a different view, of course, did not give the prize. The reason: "Just so."

A second officer found a better excuse, of course, saying the test was to view the weather in two different cities in different states and that the Galaxy Nexus could not do that so did not win (!)

We were not present in the incident but it seems that the user of the Galaxy Nexus wronged. And this shows a fundamental problem with the campaign that if Microsoft is smart and should be focused elsewhere. For example, the user of the Galaxy Nexus had disabled the lock screen which in itself is a serious security problem rather than practicality.

Also, Microsoft tests can not be considered fair since the last time contestant learns the rigors and just happened to be that user has on the desktop of the time two cities. Apparently, the official Microsoft Store was set ahead of the device.

Manager of Microsoft after learning about the incident bidder invited to return to the store to attend a new challenge. The law would just admit their mistake and gave the prize without question.

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