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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pedophiles "disguise" pages of child abuse in legal websites

internet child abuse

According to the annual report of the Internet Watch Foundation, some pedophiles seem to have discovered new ways to distribute internet pornography featuring children.

What they do is to camouflage those websites in a way that appear to host legal content. However, if a user follow a particular route, will see photos and video of child abuse.

As analysts argue IWF, this is a very common practice of pedophiles that have found around 600 times last year. The company's CEO, Susie Hargreaves, explains:

"We received numerous reports in our line of communication from users who accidentally fell on these pages. The descriptions were very detailed and users reported being unsure of what they had seen. The issue was investigated in depth by our analysts and we identify the specific practice. "

The time required to remove child pornography from the time of detection is about 60 'for the networks in the UK and 10 days for the rest of the world, period two years ago exceeded one month.

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