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Thursday, March 22, 2012

OneID: Log in without your username and password!


A new project called OneID aims to change the current data of the login, putting an end to the usernames and passwords. Instead of complementing codes, the user may enter the account by making use of different devices, enjoying thus much safer.

OneID uses advanced cryptography asymmetric information that identifies the user through multiple electronic devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet). These devices work together to protect their personal data.

In practice,  OneID requires two devices: the so-called active device, which is used by the user to perform the login (even the computer) and a second device of choice, such as the smartphone's.

To enter a site or make a payment, presses the button and the computer OneID send to phone verification. From there the user authenticates, or if not him a second device enters a pin.

The creator of OneID, Steve Kirsch, indicates that this is a model that will occupy us much in the future and there may soon disappearance of the traditional login method.

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