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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Seagate technology enables hard drives up to 60TB

seagete hard drive

Seagate announced a major achievement which we could achieve an increase in the capacity of hard drives from 3TB to 60TB in the next ten years.

Specifically, the magnetic recording technology through heat (IAMR) Seagate was the first maker of hard disk capacity achieved density of 1 terabit per square inch.

Mark Re, vice president of Heads & Media Research and Development at Seagate, explains that the technology innovation IAMR will be an important factor in the expansion of capacity in the future.

The current maximum capacity of 3.6-inch disk reaches approximately 3TB of 620 gigabits per square inch while the 2.5-inch drives 750GB touch with 500 gigabits per square inch.

It is expected that the first generation of HAMR drives will double these capacities with a significant increase in the coming years thanks to growth capacity that we have seen to date.

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