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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feed your dog via Twitter!

Nat Morris thought a very creative way to feed the dog treats when he is missing from home. Specifically, Morris set up an automated system that throws food each time you send a message to tweet @ FeedToby.

It has erect, even, and camera to see his dog found anywhere in the world. How does this system?

When the message is sent to the account @ feedtoby the mini-computer receives the corresponding command. In turn the computer connects to a small engine of a printer HP Deskjet 500.

When the message, then, take a buzzer is activated and Toby, o dog comes running waiting to drop the delicacy of the tube. At the same time the digital camera captures images and sends them back to Nat via Twitter to confirm success.

Nat says that initially the Toby knew what was happening but gradually learned and now loves. Sits below the tube shaking his tail and waiting to drop the treat.

Nat ensure that there are not many goodies in the tube when the bill received many messages. The system also operates 9 am to 9 pm. We do not want to gain weight by Toby!

The mechanism has caused so much impression on Nat's friends that he thinks to patent the system.

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