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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Malware Chrome Extensions "occupy" your account to Facebook!

New way to trick users found Chrome cunning hackers, raising malicious Chrome Extensions  the official application store of the popular browser.

google store

The user seeing these extensions in Google Chrome Web Store considers to be safe and proceeding to installation. The result: The extensions occupy his account on Facebook!

Worst of all is that these extensions are advertised on Facebook, claiming that they can change the color of your profile page, find out who he visited often and generally promising many of the usual (and naturally suspicious) promises.

When the user clicks on the advertisement, carried on the official Chrome Web Store where it considers that it is safe software. However, once installed the extension, the account begins to act uncontrollably, making Like to pages and spamming his friends on the new extension.

The next time you try to download a Chrome extension from the official Google Chrome Web Store believing that in view of their home is safe, well you can double check it.

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