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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EnemyGraph, the application that allows you to make "enemies" on Facebook

We all know that The Facebook is a "positive" social network where we can make thousands of friends and countless Likes. But what about our enemies? Thanks to the new application EnemyGraph Facebook users now have the ability to record anyone or anything hateful about them in the list of enemies!

In your list you can include any person, product, company or group dislike provided that has a presence on Facebook. Your enemies are visible to other users of the application. At present the application users seem to hate most political Rick Santorum, the Fox News, racism, Twilight and ... tomatoes.

Behind the creation of EnemyGraph is Professor Dean Terry the University of Dallas, which provides that Facebook will very soon take care to set aside the application. As for the importance of "Enemies", claiming to be equal to that of "Friends" social network. There is also wrong ...

Application you can install it here.

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