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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adobe Shadow, new free tool for testing applications on different devices!

Those who have worked on creating web applications in a business or a hobby, then you've encountered difficulties in monitoring the application on different platforms and devices, but also to repair any problems.

For this reason, Adobe Introduces New Tool Adobe Shadow, which practically gives you a chance to see a web application in an almost unlimited number of devices (Android tablets / smartphones, devices iOS).

Then synchronize the desired device to your computer, and when you open a website and activate the tool Shadow, then the selected devices will "follow" the clicks you make, so you see if your application works flawlessly in different resolutions , screen sizes, etc.

Additionally, you can simultaneously make changes to the code through the web browser, to repair any problems that arise in each device separately.

The Adobe Shadow is another addition to the tools of the company for the transition to technology HTML5 (after Edge, Muse and Wallaby), and is intended for those planning applications in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The installation is done in Mac, Windows PC, devices Android (2.2 +) and iOS (4 +), and there is the equivalent Chrome Extension.

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