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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ex Googler: "Google has left the innovation and became an advertising monster"

May Google renowned for its magnificent offices and excellent working conditions, however, James Whittaker (former programmer of the company) explains through a very interesting post on MSDN Blog (in Microsoft ...), that he left because Google is not the company it once was, especially after the inauguration of the CEO before Larry Page about a year.

As stated by Whittaker, Google has transformed from a company that was dropping weight on creativity and innovative ideas capable people at an advertising company with stale ideas, leaving peaks for Larry Page:

"Google which I was a passionate technology company encouraged its employees to innovate in various ways (bonus, awards, etc.). I left Google is an advertising company with clear business plan ...... Led by Eric Schmidt, the ads were always in the background and served as a Google innovation factory .... "

Then, with harsh words mentioned in Google's attempt to compete with Facebook, suggesting that Google + is one of the most important failures of the company:

"There is a very important area where Google's innovation engine falters: the competition from Facebook. They want everything to be social. The search for the Android OS, YouTube and anything new would have to be social. Any innovative idea is not central to the Google +, refused "

It can read all the terms of the James Whittaker, but it should be noted that longer works for Microsoft. Therefore, everyone can draw his own conclusions and agree or disagree with his positions.

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