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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ubuntu for Android: Converts multi-core smartphones into computers! [Video]

The Canonical enters the ecosystem Android, as announced today that it will bring the experience of Linux-based Ubuntu operating system on multi-core Android smartphones, converting them to your personal computer when you connect a keyboard and a screen!

The idea is similar to the Motorola and Webtop docks, but in this case the switch from Ubuntu to Android is no problem, since the latter shares the Linux kernel to "run" from the beginning and the Android OS while booting.

The process is very simple, since only connect the Android smartphone at the base, it automatically appears on the external monitor environmental Ubuntu Unity, together with applications that go with it, such as the Music Player, Chromium, VLC, Thundebird etc.

Moreover, the photos and videos from Android smartphone is available in the respective applications Ubuntu, and you can manage any application Android device through the environment Unity! He is also available contacts, network settings and display an alert normally.

The minimum requirements for Ubuntu for Android are:

CPU dual-core 1GHz (+ video acceleration)
Memory RAM 512MB
Free 2GB storage
Output HMDI, USB host mode
A very interesting move from side Canonical, which is expected to occur extensively in MWC 2012. Until then, you can read several details in the official blog.

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