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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Higher profits for developers from Amazon Appstore compared to Android Market!

A new statistical analysis of Distimo, reveals very interesting facts about the bad marketing of the Android Market, and proves that Android application developers earn more money from sales from Amazon Android Appstore, despite the official store of Google!

The analysis was compared with 110 applications available in both stores applications, and showed that 42 of these are the most profitable branch of Amazon, which is responsible for 28% of the total turnover of these applications.

At first glance, would you say the title of the post does not reflect reality, but if you think that the Amazon Android Appstore applications offered in the U.S. alone, with about 25,000 of the 400,000 total of the Android Market (globally), then the ratio is clearly in favor of.

Furthermore, 65% of the applications offered in Amazon is paid, while the Android Market this percentage drops to 32%, but Amazon has the right to change prices and the average selling Top 100 application is $ 2.24, ie 40% less than the $ 3.76 for the Top 100 of the Android Market.

Read the report here.

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