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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mobile phone made of ... bamboo!

A smartphone made of bamboo, which has nothing to envy of the devices already on the market, designed by British student Kiron Gountchaous-Scott, from Middlesex University.

The original idea while green, the 23 year-old new born when he found the lack of imagination in the design of mobile phone market.

So he decided to create a device made of bampou.Oikologiko and "smart" device Android ADzero, as it is called, is made of specially treated organic bamboo aged four years to ensure its resilience. The sleek device, even thinner than enough iPhoneTo a "green" mobile phone is equipped - amongst others - with the innovative technology «ring flash», which does exactly what its name indicates: it is a ring flash photo surrounding the "eye" of the camera and ensures even illumination and reduce shadows when taking fotografion.To ADzero technology has «ring flash» In 2012Symfona market within the first estimates, ADzero, could be released into the European market already in 2012.

"The bamboo can look like a strange material on smartphone, but in reality, this is a very strong and durable material with a unique quality for specific use," explains Gountchaous. "The whole experience was incredible and completely unexpected. I look forward to really Kamarono my cell phone in stores later this year, "concludes the enthusiastic neos.To Internet brings out the" diamonds "As revealed Gountchaous, originally designed this phone for the Chinese market. During his presentation of "wood" but his mobile last week in the London Plan (London Design Week), the student noticed the huge public interest in such a device. So, he decided to publish his work online.

This resulted  the company Adzero in contact with the young designer and the final agreement for placing the device in Britain in the first instance. "Thanks to the Internet is now a highly competitive" ball "design, which enables truly talented people To stand out and attract attention more easily businesses, "says professor and head of engineering projects and design of the university, Dr Instead Barntil.

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