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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Anonymous team publishes revealing talks between them and Symantec!

After the racent hit  in Greece, this time the popular group of hackers decided to turn its attention to security firm Symantec.

anonymous team hacker symantec

Earlier today, Anonymous Pastebin published in an extensive, highly revealing series of conversations between a member of their group name 'Yamatough' and a representative of Symantec named 'Sam Thomas'.

Although LinkedIn does not seem to be an employee in the Symantec name, the IP address of the account '' located at company headquarters in California.

The conversations reveal that Sam Thomas donated the sum of $ 50,000 in alleged member of Anonymous so as to  proove that he has the source code of pcAnywhere and Norton Antivirus and then destroy it. Among other things, called by Anonymous to publish notice that it had attacked Symantec in 2006.

After several days of negotiations focused on the money transaction, the Anonymous suspected that behind the Sam Thomas hides the FBI and decided to give talks to the public. The Cris Parden of Symantec comments:

"In January a user approached our company who claimed that he was a member of Anonymous and tried to distract us money so as not to publish code that Symantec was supposedly stolen. Given the attempted extortion and the apparent theft of intellectual property, our company conducted an internal investigation and contacted the authorities immediately. Our conversations with that user was part of the investigation authorities. We can not give any other information because the investigation is still ongoing. "

All the time the conversation can be read here. The conclusions of your own ...

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