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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New "invisible" computer virus appeared!

invisible virus

So now to activate a virus the user should either open an email in which the virus was hiding or storing a photograph or a video in which there was a virus or other malicious program.

But recent computer users have become very cautious and digital underworld had to find a new way to invade computers. So now a freshman virus circulating in cyberspace that invade and infect computers invisible.

The attacker sends the victim of a candidate completely innocent email that contains nothing "reprehensible." When the user presses start to open his computer the email itself automatically activated allowing the attacker to connect from his computer with the victim's computer and send the virus.

The email in question acts as a bridge carry the virus and infected never seems to understand the protection of computer programs. The only trace of the virus is the word "loading» (loading) that occurs at some time in the computer screen.

Experts advise users to update virus protection program with the latest "updates" and use the latest versions of browsers cyberspace. Share this post to let your friends know about this thread.

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