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Saturday, June 2, 2012

U.S. and Israel behind the creation of the virus Stuxnet. They start a cyberwarfare against Iran!

We have mentioned several times before the notorious and powerful virus Stuxnet here a virus that attacked the nuclear facilities of Iran in 2010 before it became widely known on the Internet. 

After months of speculation about who is behind the creation of Stuxnet and despite the fact that it was an open secret that they have put their hand in the U.S. and Israel, just yesterday came the confirmation from the New York Times with a very detailed report!

According to the NYT, this is the first global campaign "cyberwarfare" (cyberwar) codenamed "Olympic Games", which began during the presidency of George W. Bush in 2006 to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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The creation of a special version of Stuxnet was after virtual mapping of the Natanz nuclear plant in collaboration with an Israeli team, the virus can be programmed to hit specific equipment of Siemens and destroy the centrifuge equipment used to purify uranium. 

 The decision was taken by cyber President Barack Obama given that the U.S. already had several open fronts in the Middle East, resulting in a physical confrontation with Iran is practically impossible.

 "From the first days of his presidency, watched dynamic efforts to delay the Iranian nuclear program (diplomacy, sanctions, important decisions), independently of other current issues" 

 All went well until they spilled an upgraded version of the virus Stuxnet Natanz, which had an error code so that spread from an Iranian computer engineering throughout the Internet. Please note that the White House blamed the Israelis for the leak. 

 Once started the spread of the virus in the Internet, was quickly noticed by the security software companies, including attacks worldwide in equipment of Siemens. 

 NYT notes that the Flame is part of the company "Olympic Games", but does not state responsible for its creation is still the U.S.. 

 As we understand, the cyber certainly will preoccupy us in the coming years, but hardly anyone impose their sovereignty without military intervention ...

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