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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pirate Pay, the funded by the Microsoft company that aims to remove torrents

The last time we see continued efforts to combat piracy, the most recent examples of the ban on the Pirate Bay UK, Netherlands and India.

This time a group of Russian developers state that develops the technology that will "kill" once and for all the torrents, having also received funding of $ 100.000 from Microsoft.
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The company is called Pirate Pay and so far has blocked more than 50.000 downloads of the movie 'Vysotsky: Thanks go God I'm Alive' one month after the release. At present it is unclear exactly how the technology works. CEO of The Pirate Pay, Andrei Klimenko explains:

 "We used a large number of servers to connect to any P2P client which distributes the film. Then you send this traffic to be confused about the IP addresses of other clients and get them to dissociate from each other. "

 It remains now to see the response of major torrents sites that surely will not remain with his hands crossed ...

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