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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The HP re-enters the tablet market with Windows 8

One of the first Apple's competitors in the tablet market has been HP, which gained public attention when it decided to create its own ecosystem aroun the WebOS - which had acquired along with Palm in early 2010. In 2011, the American company presented the webOS-based TouchPad, which was released on July 1 of that year, with the company to abandon the whole project six weeks later. Then HP announced that the webOS will become an open source project.

Bangkok Post now reports that HP has decided to re-enter the tablet, this time taking advantage of the upcoming platform Microsoft, the Windows 8, making a fresh start in winning a share of this growing market.

The restart of production is a strategic move aimed to gain from the growing market for tablet, Meg Whitman said yesterday at the Global Influencer Summit 2012.
Todd Bradley, vice president of printing and personal systems, said the Windows 8 tablet of HP will be equipped with cloud services that allow users to share and store online data between devices.

Apple continues to dominate the market for tablet two years after the initial release of iPad, the share of the company to exceed 68% in first quarter of 2012, as the popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire seems to be increasingly reduced.

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