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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New virus twenty times stronger than the Stuxnet was discovered

A new and rapidly evolving virus, code-named Flame was discovered by Kaspersky seems to have caused great concern in the region of Iran infecting dozens of computers. Flame,  can monitor the network traffic, using a local computer, captures screenshots and records sounds by sending all this data back to servers. The virus is believed to be active since at least March 2010, and twenty times more potent than the Stuxnet.

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The virus is mainly active in Iran but has been discovered in Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It aims mainly academics and private computers and managers seem to delete the virus from low-value equipment. Indeed, it is possible to upgrade the virus with new capabilities in the form of add-on packages. At least twenty such packages have been identified so far with currently unknown function.

 The promoters behind the creation and distribution of the virus have not been identified yet. "It took us half the time to analyze the Stuxnet», said Alexander Gostev, in charge of Kaspersky Lab. "This is twenty times more complicated. It will take us 10 years to fully understand everything. "

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