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Monday, May 21, 2012

Just How Big Is Apple?[infographic]

While many people use Apple devices every day, few may realize just how big Apple really is. Having started out as a computer manufacturer, Apple made the move into the mobile device market with the introduction of the incredibly successful iPhone. In 2011 alone, 72 million units were sold. That is almost a combined weight heavy enough to rival the Eiffel Tower.

Since the iPhone, Apple has released the unbelievably successful iPad. Now nearing it's third variant, the iPad sold 3 million devices during the first three days of release. It also now still holds an average sales number of 11 per second. With 56.4 million iPads projected to sell in 2012, this may be enough to push iOS device ownership above that of cars. However, Apple still credits nearly 40 percent of it's revenue to the iPhone alone.

With new devices on the horizon and sales still going strong, Apple is truly a technological giant in the information age.

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