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Thursday, May 10, 2012

App Center, the new Facebook online application store!

Facebook announced the launch of the App Center, its own online store application where users can find all clustered applications and games running on Facebook for either iOS, Android, web, mobile web or computers.

As the company's goal is not to compete with Apple stores and applications of Google, since every time the user wants to install an application for iOS or Android, will be redirected directly to the shop (App Store or Google Play) .

Moreover, the App Center will look for first applications paid on Facebook and a new evaluation system of applications that will both inform users about the quality of an application and the developers on how often users visit their applications and how long they stay there.

The applications seem to like users will run stronger, while those who do not collect the best reviews or does not comply with the instructions of the social network will not appear at all.

The App Center will make its appearance at / appcenter in the coming weeks. The developers can submit their applications between now and May 18 here.

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