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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unbelievable! :10% of the men prefer the new iPad instead of ... sex!

ipad sex

Most of you will remember the 17 year old boy from China who went so far as to sell his kidney in order to obtain the iPad 2. Now with the advent of the new iPad, the "madness" continues with 10% of men to say they prefer the iPad from sex ...

According to a recent poll of RoxyPalace, 1 in 10 men said they would prefer the new iPad with the glossy Retina screen from any sexual intercourse with a sexy feminine existence. Unbelievable but true!

On the other side of women the situation is completely different to the vast majority of them tha counts not so much upon the new tablet from Apple. More specifically, 96% said they would prefer a young man's life from the iPad.

Finally, the survey reveals that 71% of both sexes would prefer to talk through FaceTime appointment with the applicant before the actual meeting.

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