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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Smoked by Windows Phone: 99% success claimed by Microsoft

The "Smoked by Windows Phone" ad campaign in which the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 different devices takes on other devices for which perform certain functions more quickly completed a few days ago and published by Microsoft via Facebook details of the match.

According, then, the image of the Windows Phone 7 devices won 40,522 times and lost only 462 times. Not sure if the data correspond only to the U.S. or in other countries which ran the bill but in any case the number is impressive because in 98.87 percent of the competitions Microsoft came out victorious.

We have known for some time that Microsoft does not perform these random encounters since it knows very well what works out faster in Windows Phone 7 devices and what not. The terms of the match can not be very fair, but Microsoft certainly has the publicity he wanted.

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