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Friday, April 27, 2012

Samsung presents the thinnest portable optical drive in the world

Samsung unveiled a new portable drive, codenamed SE-218BB, which is the finest drive in the world with a height of just 14mm, 18% less fat and 8% lighter than conventional DVD writers. 

samsung SE-218BB

The Samsung SE-218BB is intended for use in tablets (Android 3.1 or higher) and Ultrabooks, communicates well and is powered from the port USB. In this way, one could watch the DVD in the tablet, and it sounds outdated such a method, or copy material to an empty CD / DVD from the road etc. 

The technical specification states: 

24X CD-RW 
8X DVD ± R 
6X DVD + R Dual Layer 
6X DVD-R Dual Layer 
8X DVD + RW 
The price is set at $ 60

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