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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Providers in Europe are not convinced by the Lumia series of Nokia

nokia lumia 900

According to Reuters report from four leading mobile operators in Europe are unhappy with the Lumia series of Nokia and its inability to compete with devices from Apple and Samsung.

The article does not name providers but one strain of them seem to have stated that "no one walks into a store asking for Windows Phone device" and that the devices Lumia would be easier to sell "if Android had been operating." Other member states that Nokia still has to reduce prices below Lumia devices to manage to sell them.

Across the Atlantic, of course, AT & T sees Lumia 900 to be sold out in most stores and on the big advertising campaign both the company itself and Nokia. This different approach and dealing with Lumia series in Europe and America looks a bit strange. Reuters notes that part of the responsibility borne by stores that are not advertised as it should be proposing the Lumia devices, even in prospective buyers the first iPhone and then Android devices from Samsung and HTC.

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