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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Microsoft announces the different versions of Windows 8

windows 8

New publication from Microsoft's website informs us about the versions they will release the final version of Windows 8. Specifically, the four versions are: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Enterprise, and Windows RT.

The Windows RT is the functional that is preinstalled on tablets with the ARM architecture, while others will be addressed in the platform of Intel. To Windows 8 RT will help systems to remain "light" by greatly increasing the range of devices. This version will include special versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will be announced soon.

The simplest version is the Windows 8 and is reasonable in most systems that will make their appearance when released officially. The Windows 8 Pro incorporates a wider range of technologies for professionals, such as encryption, virtualization, management and PC connectivity domain. In Windows 8 Pro you can add a fee to the Media Center as a media pack. Some features that are exclusive to Windows 8 Pro is BitLocker, Boot from VHD, Client Hyper-V, Group Policies and Remote Desktops.

For the differences in features, please consult the following tablet:

windows 8 versions

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