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Monday, April 23, 2012

Oracle vs. Google: The battle has begun!

oracle vs google

After many years of waiting the notorious legal battle between Oracle and Google began last week after the judge failed to persuade all this time the two sides to compromise.

Please remember that the Oracle accuses Google of copied part of the Java code without obtaining the necessary authorization. For its part, Google admits that it has essentially copied the Java code but denies having permission to do so on the grounds that Android does not require permission.

It all started officially in 2009 when Oracle acquired Sun but things had started earlier.The Android was founded in 2003 and two years later was acquired by Google. Andy Rubin wrote then to Larry Page:

oracle vs google

Google wanted to make the open-source Android but he knew that Sun would not see in with a positive eye. Rubin believed that Google had simply paid the required amount for the licensing of Java. The years passed, however, and finally in 2007 the attitude had changed completely ignoring the Sun. "Please do not show to any officer or attorney of the Sun», Rubin warned an engineer in 2008.

Oracle notes that at the time Google is important recruit staff from the Java team at Sun, who worked under former executive of Sun Eric Schmidt. Oracle implicitly suggests that this staff was vital for the creation of "Java OS".

Tim Lindholm, Distinguished Engineer at Sun, helped in the creation of the original Java VM and penetrated to Google the same period the company acquired Android. In 2010 when Android was successful by Larry Page Lindholm asked to explore alternatives to Java. Lindholm concluded that the alternatives were not good and that we should negotiate with the authorization of Sun (Google tried enough to keep this e-mail out of court).

Oracle presented the court with code copied by Google. The code does not belong in public libraries (classes), but in private and Google will work very hard to justify itself. The case is certainly a long way ahead of many technical and legal details. You should wait until the end to see a possible positive practical to Oracle deciding what will it mean for Android and its users.

You can read the Oracle 90 page treatment in the form of PDF (slides) here.

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