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Monday, April 23, 2012

Intel officially introduced its new generation of Ivy Bridge processors

intel Ivy Bridge

Intel officially announced its new line of processors Ivy Bridge architecture with 22-nanometer offering to start the 13th quad-core processors on variations of Core i5 and i7 with a focus desktops and large notebooks. The dual-core processors and lower power ULV expected later in the spring.

The company notes that Ivy Bridge have about 20 percent better performance and 20 percent fewer than the current Sandy Bridge which is achieved partly thanks to the transition to 3D transistors that allows a unique combination of performance and energy efficiency. Significant improvement is also observed in the integrated graphics HD2500 and HD4000, since the latter can handle comfortably and 4K resolution and games of last generation with sufficient detail. Finally, Ivy Bridge is the first Intel architecture that natively support the standard USB 3.0 for faster and requires no third-party controller.

The gradual movement of Ivy Bridge is expected to launch and the launch of new computers from all major manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Apple. Some analysts believe that there is limited availability of at least the first time due to high demand which is primarily a result of late presentation.

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