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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google presents the Project Glass

Google officially announced a while ago through a dedicated page on Google + new project entitled Project Glass. This project has long been rumored to come from the secret labs of the Google X company.

Google has decided to share publicly the development of this project to obtain valuable feedback to help further develop the technology. So far the company has some concept photos and a video to show how she envisions the future and the things that this technology will allow us to do in the future.

According to reports, however, the Project Glass is at an advanced stage with various prototype devices have occasionally appeared. Someone who is supposed to use the glasses says that "technology is not standing anymore barrier. For example if I want to take a picture does not need to get out of his pocket just in mobile but I press a button on the glasses and that was it. "

At this time the commercialization of these glasses is still distant affair. Probably the glasses will be available in values ​​from 250 up to $ 600 in 2013.

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