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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Draw Something displaced Angry Birds

Above we had begun to believe that nothing can approach the success of Angry Birds (and Rovio), comes Draw Something of OMGPOP (recently acquired by Zynga) to change the data in just 50 days of movement.

In fact, the game design exceeded 50 million downloads within the above mentioned time period, making it the fastest growing mobile game of all time. In addition, users have painted more than 6 billion drawings, the rate commensurate to 3,000 drawings per second!

Therefore, Zynga vindicated for $ 180 million spent to buy OMGPOP, as it is estimated that every day earns about $ 250,000 from the Draw Something, which costs € 0.79 in the App Store and € 0.74 in Google Play, while circulating and free versions (with ads).

Note that the Draw Something is already on top of the top paid applications in about 80 countries!

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