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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fandalism: a new social network for musicians

A new interesting social network for musicians titled Fandalism operation launched the end of last January and has shown a very good progress with over 350 000 users. Fandalism is the brainchild of Philip Kaplan, known for his blog and FuckedCompany AdBrite advertising network, among others.

Fandalism is a simple way for musicians to find other peers through a social network. In your profile you seem basic information such as your musical tastes and your origin and you can share samples of your work, such as photos, lyrics, YouTube videos and files SoundCloud.

The launch of Fandalism is particularly impressive when you consider that there was no advertising for the product and that even now you must call to register. The reason for this according to Kaplan is to ensure the quality of the network since virtually anyone else musicians "guarantees" for your talent.

The future looks bright Fandalism and Kaplan already has some ideas for expansion. It should be emphasized that the Fandalism an exclusive creation of Kaplan as there are no other people to work with him something which in itself is very impressive.

You can browse the Fandalism here.

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