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Monday, April 2, 2012

The difficulties of developers in developing applications for Android


The Android OS is right now the dominant platform in the mobile operating area with a large percentage of success due to the free disposal, but also the wide range of cheap devices which are offered.

However, this advantage is what creates the most problems for developers, who are struggling to support Android and the plethora of devices compatible with minimal gains in return, thus lose interest and turn to iOS, as we saw In a recent survey of Appcelerator.

The last "hit" came from the recent release of the popular game iOS Temple Run, whose transfer to Android because the developers realized they wanted to exploit the large number of users to promote the name of the company. To game available for free on Google Play and had success with 1 million downloads the first three days of availability.

The developers, however, soon discovered the bitter reality after 99.9 percent of complaints were related to problems with compatibility of the game in various devices. The irony is that the Temple Run supports 707 Android devices (!)

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